About Ed


Hello, I am Ed. I am a thru-hiker, climber, photographer, and outdoor professional. My main focus is shooting outdoor landscapes, but primarily I like to capture humans interacting with the environment. That is to say, most of my photography involves portraying individuals in vast and wide open spaces. I like to photograph things as they happen - whether that involves a dynamic climbing movement, or simply moving through a trail.

My primary motivation for launching and maintaining this site came about back in 2016. After my PCT thru-hike, I realized I had shot over 6,000 photos, yet I probably only shared about 100 or so through various media channels. This site is a place where I can display a more complete story of my thru-hikes, climbs, and other endeavors without flooding the feed of my followers, or having to struggle to come up with a meaningful caption. Most of the time, the photographs speak for themselves.


A shoutout to the brands and companies that have provided invaluable support, past and present:

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Shoot me a message below to buy any prints, or for any general inquiries!

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